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                              How is the shield pump daily maintenance?

                              2020-09-20 16:35:00

                              Through the investigation found that the shield pump rapid development, application is very wide, involving a very wide range of fields, to our life, production brings a lot of help and convenience. But at the same time any kind of equipment in the use of a long time will appear some faults, the equipment is no exception, it will sometimes appear damaged phenomenon, which we need to solve, the following phenomenon for you to do a detailed introduction, I hope to give you help. Please read the following article: disassemble the shielded pump, clean the parts first, and then make an apparent check on them, whether there are any abnormalities. Then measure the size of the key parts and check the electrical winding of the motor.

                              Mechanical inspection:

                              Measure the diameter of the graphite bearing and the shaft sleeve, and check the finish of their mating surfaces. Measure and check the size of the upper and lower outer stops of the impeller, the buckle matching with them and the inner diameter of the pump base, and whether the two mating clearance is within the scope specified in the maintenance standard. In case of out-of-tolerance, parts shall be replaced or other measures shall be taken to make the mating clearance meet the specified requirements. Otherwise it will affect the pump performance, flow, head, axial balance force, etc.

                              Observe and check the apparent condition of fixed and rotor shielding bushing, especially pay attention to whether there is any abnormal situation at the welding seam. If necessary, do flaw detection and leak detection.

                              After a long run, the balance of the rotating part may change. Therefore, it is necessary to assemble rotor together with impeller and other rotating parts to do dynamic balance test.

                              Electrical inspection:

                              Dc resistance check: imbalance of three-phase resistance shall not exceed 2%.

                              Insulation resistance check: shielding pump motor winding insulation resistance can reach more than 100 m Ω commonly. Ω to needs analysis reasons, such as less than 5 m insulation whether be affected with damp be affected with damp, or block set if there is a leak, etc., as it is no problem with the stator shielding set of leak detection, are a insulation be affected with damp be affected with damp, need to dry processing, such as stator shielding set has a problem, need to replace the shielding cover.