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                              How to analyze the reason according to the fault phenomenon of shielded pump?

                              2020-09-20 16:34:00

                              Shielding pump in the actual process of work may appear a variety of faults, then need to be analyzed according to various circumstances, put forward the corresponding solutions.

                              According to the analysis of fault phenomena:

                              1. The shield pump can not pump on the medium. This may be a problem with the suction line, such as blockage or leakage. Whether the suction or output line valves are closed and the management configuration is correct. You can solve these problems by closing, cleaning, properly configuring, and so on. Shield pump can not pump on the medium there is a situation is the suction head is too low, by increasing the suction head, you can solve the corresponding problem

                              2 shielding pump flow is too small, the cause of this fault is more, may be the pipeline, filter or impeller blockage or scaling. The solution is to clean the scale, the plug can be. If the pump is not filled adequately or the inlet valve is not fully opened, just perform the appropriate operation. Also, is the shield pump head is too small, then belongs to the system problem, you need to contact the shield pump supplier.

                              3. If the shielding pump flow is large, only need to turn down the exit valve.

                              4 shielding pump work noise is relatively large or unstable, so the need to consider the pump parts such as bearing wear, whether there is foreign matter in the shield pump. If this happens, contact the supplier or a professional repairman for disassembly and repair.

                              5. There are some cases such as sliding bearing due to the lack of liquid friction too much damage, or there are some particles in the liquid, resulting in the shield pump friction damage in the process of operation. These all need to be dealt with accordingly

                              In the actual work of the shielded pump, only pay attention to the maintenance, to extend the service life of the shielded pump.